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Monday, November 28, 2005

Someone's compensating. . .

Take a look at this cartoon. This is the latest chunk of fecal matter from Ted Rall, who either has a problem with his own sexuality and has let this destroy his drawing ability, or has a pretty rich and twisted fantasy life, because when my boyfriend came to visit me after serving in Iraq, I don't think we did any of the things in that cartoon... ok, he's got me on the tying down thing, though, but unlike any fumbling attempts at coitus Mr. Rall has tried, let's just say it was a "Mission:Accomplished".

But - -on the brighter side. . .

Bruce Willis, out to counteract some of the naysayers of the Iraqi conflict, has announced plans to make a movie about the soldiers involved, specifically the Deuce-four(1stBatt. 24th Inf. ) in their battles in Mousul. But those who've been paying attention (like myself) have seen this coming if you read any of the entries from blogger Michael Yon. Michael Yon is a freelance journalist who was embedded with the Deuce Four (also called The Punishers - -which is a GREAT title for a movie, hint-hint) and his dispaches have presented a thoroughly human side and a positive counterpoint to convernional coverage.

Mr. Rall could learn a thing or two about manhood from these men. Rall isn't worthy of the freedoms preserved by men like this.


(Credit to Michael Yon's Online Magazine)


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