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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All I want for Christmas, Part Two

When I returned to the party, it was now in full swing. The kids were gone, and it was mostly us singletons and the couples who either had no children or had sent them home to their au pairs. Kevin was there, AGAIN, but by himself.

“Hey, Karen.”

“Uh, hi Kevin. Where’s Janet?”

“She went home with the kids. Want a drink?”

I looked down at my champagne glass. It was empty. And putting up with some of these people requited something a little harder. “Sure, refill it with some of that Grey Goose Chocatini that I saw Lilly with- Wait, I’ll get it myself.” I walked to the other side of the large living room to the bar and sat down next to Lilly, one of the older accountants.

“Enjoying yourself, Karen?”

“Seriously, Lilly?”


I flipped my hand a little. “Eh. I’ve had more fun at the dentist.”

Lilly smiled, her green eyes dancing a little. I knew she would understand. “I saw you outside having a nice little chat with Santa. Think you’ll get what you asked for?”

“I dunno, it all depends on me. I’m wondering more if Santa will get what he wants for Christmas.” I pulled out the cherry out my Chocatini and ate it. Maraschino. Yuck.

“Excuse me?” Lilly’s brows shot up. “What do you know about what SANTA wants? I thought he straightened that shit out with Mrs. Claus!”

I smiled. “There is no Mrs. Claus in his case. There used to be, but not anymore.”

“Uh-huh. I see.” Lilly finished off her martini. “I’m guessing there’s a little elf too.”

“Yup . . . poor creature has no life, Lil. He just wants a night away, that’s all. I don’t know enough about him to help. I guess I’ll just wish and pray that he gets what he wants.”

“Make sure you aren’t neglected, and you get what you want too, Karen. By the way, you doing that thing you usually do this weekend? ” I saw Lilly smile her devious, I’m-thinkin’ smile.

“Uh, Yeah- - why? Gonna ditch Robert and join me?”

“Nah, not this week. I promise I will one day.” Bullshit. Lilly has two left feet and wouldn’t be caught dead at these things. “Ya’ll meet at Borbe’ Hall, right?”

“Not normally, but tomorrow night we are.” I let it go. Besides, they were starting to dance. Eric, who sometimes goes to swing dances with me, asked me onto the floor. And I danced. Swing really is easy if you have rhythm, and the fact that you look good doing it (even in PJ pants and a tank top!) made it really attractive as exercise when I was in college. Now that I was out of college, it was a good way to meet men. Ok, that hadn’t worked, but it was fun. The dancing at the party only made me look forward to swing dancing at the hall tomorrow night.

I had to wait another hour before finally heading home at 3 A.M. Too many Chocatinis.

I slept fitfully and kept thinking back to the Santa. His eyes kept staring at me, through me. I wondered what kind of man was under the suit. He obviously did it for the love of the children; he seemed a little more shy with me. Maybe it was the question I asked. I slowly started to imagine him without that hat, wig, beard OR suit. I cuddled my pillow as I imagined my fingers running through dark hair and kissing full lips, my body enveloped in steady arms with gentle hands. I rolled over to my back, and slid my panties off. I had been so tired from work in the past couple weeks that I had drifted straight to sleep. But tonight, I wanted to get off. I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to masturbation. I reached into my bedside table for my vibrator. I was already wet, my clit already hard and receptive to my fingers. I rubbed for a little bit then slid the vibrator inside me. I moved it in and out, feeling my body hold onto the object I’d inserted as I stroked my clit a little faster, thinking of his hands and tongue on me, his fingers and cock inside me. I arched my back as I shuddered and came. So damned good. I’d be freaking happy if I got anything half as good as that. With that sardonic thought and sexual satiation I went to sleep.


I had finals this week- - But, I admit I've also been getting ready for Other Things. . .oh Yeah, people. . .You're gonna see something really nice that's gonna make you say, Play Ball! ;)



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